Looking Back at 2012


A very exciting 2012 has come to a close for "Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society" and we want to take the chance to express our deep gratitude for everyone who has supported the journal - whether through serving on one of our boards, writing articles, reading, or sharing - we know this year would not have been so amazing without you!

Our first issue was released in September and it has been widely read and shared, both in academia and by many other communities and groups. In fact, a vast majority of the sharing and viewership has been driven by those on Twitter and Facebook sharing our articles! This is exciting to see our work being read, thought about, used and discussed between those in academia and those outside of it - this was an original goal of the journal.

To expand this idea, to continue to reach wider audiences, and expand the ways in which we interact with our readers, we have begun a corresponding blog site which will feature more up-to-the-minute content (journals take so long to produce!) and shorter pieces which will allow for different types of engagement. It will also allow us to create (hopefully) more back and forth dialogue and community, with comments being open on articles published there.

We launched less than two weeks ago and in that short time have seen 15,000 visits to the site - this immediate impact shows that there is a great need for us to continue to bring our work into communites and in ways that allow more people to think about these pressing issues with us. Academic work is too often seen as cloistered and distant; especially when we're working for decolonization, our work needs to be active, engaged, and accessible.

Please check out the blog at www.decolonization.wordpress.com (if you haven't already!) and think about writing something for it! A new call for submissions for the journal will be published in January, so keep your eyes out for that as well - our journal space is an important one to further and engage some of the briefer discussions that will be happening on the blog.

Once again, thank you so much for the support and love that you've shown for this project. It's been an exciting year and we look forward to continuing with you in finding more ways to engage with, further, and support decolonization.


Eric Ritskes
Managing Editor