New Blog Series

For those who have not been following along, we've just finished an exciting series of articles on the blog, exploring the intersections of antiblackness and settler colonialism.

It features a cutting edge list of scholars who are thinking through the connections of antiblackness and settler colonialism in different ways and locations. We encourage you to check out the series; it is an exciting contribution to decolonization scholarship and an important part of the continuing work of Decolonization journal.

Maile Arvin - Possessions of Whiteness: Settler Colonialism and Antiblackness in the Pacific:

TJ Tallie - Failing to Ford the River: Oregon Trail, Same-Sex Marriage Rhetoric, and the Intersections of Anti-Blackness and Settler Colonialism:

Shona Jackson - Humanity Beyond the Regime of Labor: Antiblackness, Indigeneity, and the Legacies of Colonialism in the Caribbean:

Tiffany Lethabo King - Labor's Aphasia: Towards Antiblackness as Constitutive of Settler Colonialism:

Che Gossett - A Wall is Just a Wall: Anti-Blackness and Prison Abolitionist Solidarity With Palestinian Struggle:

Moyo Rainos Mutamba - Resisting Inclusion: Decolonial Relations Between Peoples of Afrikan Descent and Original Peoples:

Andrea Smith - The Colonialism that is Settled and the Colonialism that Never Happened:

Eve Tuck, Allison Guess & Hannah Sultan - Not Nowhere: Collaborating on Selfsame Land (includes MP3 & PDF files):

And, as an addendum to the series, a piece that takes on similar topics:

Scott Morgensen - White Settlers and Indigenous Solidarity: Confronting White Supremacy, Answering Decolonial Alliances: