New Blog Series

We’re thrilled to be able to highlight the newest series of short essays that we’ve published on our Wordpress site. These series capture some of what we hope to accomplish at Decolonization: publishing accessible, interactive and dynamic scholarship that includes artists, activists and community members as knowledge producers and holders, and putting diverse thinkers and practitioners into discussion together. We continue to work and to collaborate to expand our offerings beyond the typical academic journal format.

Our newest series is “Hip Hop and Decolonization” and includes twelve essays from hip hop artists and thinkers spanning a wide range of ideas and communities. Many of the essays utilize and incorporate audio and video, including the essay from Mark V. Campbell, which has a specially recorded DJ set for his essay.

We hope you’ll check out each of the essays below!


Jasiri X - Motivation and Mission (Don’t Let Them Get Away With Murder) -


SCZ – Remixing: Decolonial Strategies in Cultural Production -


Kyle T. Mays – Can We Live And Be Modern? Decolonization, Indigenous Modernity, and Hip Hop -


Jenell Navarro – Remixing Education: Tall Paul’s Contributions to Decolonizing the Classroom -


Susan Blight – Where You’re From and Where You’re At: Place, Space and the Assertion of Nationhood in Shibastik’s “Moose River” -


Frank Waln – Indigenous Hip Hop and Performance as Resurgence -


Bryce Henson – Burning the Imperialist Nostalgia: The Native Urban Renaissance in North America -


Mark V. Campbell – Sonic Intimacies: On DJing Better Futures -


Chandni Desai – Trackin’ Settler Colonial Erasures in Palestine: Decolonizing Zionist Toponymy -


Lindsay Knight (Eekwol) – Rhyming Out the Future: Reclaiming Indigenous Identity Through Hip Hop -


Mahlikah Awe:ri (of the Red Slam Collective) – Right Level, Next Level: Indigenizing Hip Hop -


Professor D.Us (of Dope Poets) – Hip Hop’s Origins as Organic Decolonization -