Essay Series on Immigration and Decolonization

A new series of essays have been published on our Wordpress site that examine a wide range of topics at the intersections of decolonization and immigration. Check out, read & share the whole series!

Forged in Struggle: How Migration, Resistance and Decolonization Shape Black Identities and Liberation Movements in North Americaby Benjamin Ndugga-Kabuye and Tia Oso

Nationalist narratives, Immigration and Colonialityby Leigh Patel

No One Is Illegal, Canada is Illegal! Negotiating the relationships between settler colonialism and border imperialism through political slogansby Craig Fortier

On Terror, Captivity, and Black-Korean Conflictby Tamara K. Nopper

Gaagegoo Dabakaanan miiniwaa Debenjigejig (No Borders, Indigenous Sovereignty)by Dylan Miner

Enacting solidarity between displaced and dispossessed peoples: resistance-through-art in the prairiesby Zoe Todd

And an editor's reflection and response:

Against the death maps of Empire: Contesting colonial borders through Indigenous sovereignty